MOST EFFICIENT RECORDINGS Singles Club is a series of EP's and singles designed to highlight great songwriting captured in the most efficient recording methods available to the performers. There are no rules. Songs are recorded on 4-track tape recorders, cell phones, laptops, etc, not only for efficiency but as a way to challenge creativity. This sometimes puts performers out of their comfort zone and sometimes brings them closer in to it. You can expect to hear songwriters you may know from bands doing simply performed and unreleased solo performances as well as others changing up their style completely. Like I said, there are no rules. The most efficient method of release for this project right now is cassette tape and digital download. 


There will be a limited number of twelve release subscriptions available. This will include a copy of every  cassette release along with a digital download and is the best bang for your buck at only $3.33 per release. Single cassettes and downloads will also be available for order through the RELEASES section.